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Let's Talk Support!

One thing that I have been truly blessed with in my life is a wonderful support system. People who I know will be there, even when I go a little "Stereotypical Ginger". Why does that matter? Have you ever had a dream, a goal, a desire, and you felt like it was silly? Ever felt like it was for someone else to live and experience? Basically just get up inside your own head? If you answered yes, then you have found yourself a new friend!

One issue I have is that I get up inside my head and let the self doubt take over. It's really easy to just step back and go, "You know Doubt, you're right. I CAN'T do that". That's where my rock stars step in, often smacking me with the truth. Because here's the secret, Doubt NEVER tells the truth.

My Parents: Real talk. My parents are awesome. Is our relationship always sunshine and rainbows, mixed in with tea parties? Nope. But it is always filled with love. The cool thing about my parents is this; They will never tell me what I want to hear over what I need to hear. Fun fact! My dad is a big part of my makeup journey because he called me a coward! And I love him more every day for saying that. My parents have been there for every little breakdown I have had in this Freelance journey. They let me make my own way, all while assuring me that they will be here no matter what.

My Man! : Let's get this straight, my fiance is the best. Hands down. Bless this man who walked in to my life, having zero knowledge about the Makeup Industry. When we first started dating was actually when I first jumped in to doing Freelance work. I think at first, he thought I was sitting at home just waiting by the phone for jobs. I remember we were hanging out one day, this was probably 2 months in to our relationship, and he looked at me and went, "I am so sorry for not realizing all the work you have to do just to get work". From then on, he has been the biggest cheerleader, the steadiest rock, and the biggest voice of reason. I have prayed for this man since I was 6 years old, and I thank God for him each day.

My Friends : This is not a short list of people, but it is an intimate list. I have been very blessed to have people in my life who understand that there are times where I work 50 days in a row, that I am too tired to even think about making plans. That sometimes I am not a very good friend because my life is "Wake up, go to work, crawl in to bed" with little food breaks here and there. I have been blessed to have people who continue to lift me up and show me love.

Most importantly, My Faith : I am a woman who loves God. He has brought me through a lot of things, and I have seen very, very obvious workings He has done. "I will go, send me", even if I drag my feet at times.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am a person who will let Doubt get really loud. I will start to self doubt, will start to stress out way more than necessary, and kind of just clam up. Sound familiar?

Note, in this picture I was TERRIFIED! But ended up LOVING this piece and receiving awesome feedback. We had written "You Can Do This" messages everywhere!

Note that in this picture I was TERRIFIED! I was so stressed, scared, and unsure. Turned out that I received a lot of awesome feedback for this makeup, and ended up loving this myself!

I like stability. I like to know when my next pay check is coming, when my next work day will be, and just having consistency. So, you know, I picked the career of Freelance Makeup Artist. There have been many times where I have little panics, times where I don't see where in the world I am headed in this crazy journey. Not always, and I have gotten MUCH better at having confidence in myself and my skills, but I think everyone can relate. But I can also tell you that a lot of that has to do with some butt kicking from the people mentioned above.

Without all of these people, I truly have no idea where I would be. I know that there are people who aren't as fortunate as I am. That a few of you may not have parents who are supportive of your passions. That some of you may not have a significant other who tells you "It is going to be ok" when you aren't sure when your next job will be coming. But I want to take this moment and be your cheerleader.

If you are looking for someone to encourage you right now, this is it. I'm not going to tell you that you are a majestic unicorn. I'm going to tell you that you are a fighter. Being a person who is going for their dreams, ESPECIALLY if those dreams mean that you don't necessarily have a clear path to meet your goal, takes courage! YOU have that courage. As my dad has told me, "Don't live your backup life". We may know each other, you may have no idea who I am. Doesn't matter. Know that if you are going out there and trying your best to make your dreams happen, I am proud of you. Don't be a majestic unicorn, there are too many of those right now. Be a warrior with a passionate heart. It'll get you way further.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and support my passions!

Until next time,


PS!! I am learning how to do photos for blogs through this particular site. It's different than what I am used to, and I'm teaching myself. Have patience and enjoy!

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