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The Struggle Is Real! Can I Get A Witness?!

The struggle is real. For a lot of us, it feels like we are on day 205 of 2019, when really we are only halfway through February. Many of us have struggled with finances, finding inspiration, or even just keeping their sanity during these crazy weather shifts (I'm looking at you, PNW!). So how in the world does this relate to makeup, or a makeup artist's blog? Let me show you.

As a freelance artist, consistency isn't a thing. We have really amazing months, we have months where we wonder how in the world we are going to fit eating and sleeping into our schedules, and then we have months where all we hear is crickets. Is this something you can relate to? Single mommas, working mommas, stay at home mommas, all the mommas and dads out there. I feel like you can relate. College students, high schoolers looking at colleges, I think you feel me on this too. So let's have some real talk.

During my slow months, I am known to have some meltdowns. "How am I going to pay my bills? Why is no one getting back to me?" Which all leads to that downward spiral of, "I am going to die a starving artist". For those of you who are familiar with that rabbit hole, you know that it isn't an over exaggeration. BUT, here is something that I have recently realized in one of my Pity Parties For One. HOW IN THE WORLD IS THAT GOING TO HELP?

It. Isn't.

So, again, you might be wondering, "Devon, what the heck does this have to do with makeup? I came here to learn some application techniques." Well, here it is. When you are having your low moments, are you taking care of yourself? Really think about it. Are you putting yourself together, or are you going out and about with a messy bun and sweat pants that you may or may not have been wearing for the last few days. (Don't lie, we have ALL been there. And that's ok.)

Here is where I think makeup is a wonderful, and invigorating, tool. Makeup doesn't have to be an "Instagram worthy" look. It can literally be your war paint. There have been MANY times where I have looked at myself in the mirror, feeling like garbage, and went, "Screw this! I am fierce! I am OWNING today! I don't care what negative crap is going on in my life, today is MINE!" I am not ashamed to say that I will put on my eyeliner all while saying something like "This is my war paint! This is to show that I have NO FEAR in my eyes!" Blush? "This is my war paint! This is to show that I won't pale in the face of all the chaos in my life!" Mascara? "This is my war paint! My lashes will stab that negativity away!"

My fiance will look at me, chuckle, and say "Boudica?" Heck yes, I am Boudica!" (This is a Celtic Warrior who absolutely dominated the Roman Empire for a really long time. She's fierce. Look her up).

Point of this blog. DON'T LET NEGATIVITY OR CHAOS DOMINATE YOUR DAY. I know that sometimes it is going to be hard. I know some days it is going to feel downright impossible. But giving yourself even one thing that helps you feel in control? It can change your day. YOU are fierce! So, throw on that makeup. Don't do it for anyone else. Do it for YOU.

Makeup is an amazing tool that we can use. It helps us express ourselves, helps us feel confident, and so much more. For so long, I thought that makeup was for other people. That people were saying that you couldn't be beautiful or confident without it. Don't get me wrong, there are people who say that. But what do we say to them? "Poo poo on you, I am me and I am amazing".

So put on that green eye shadow, or that super dark lip. If you want to only put on mascara, do it! When we care for ourselves as much as we care for others, beautiful things start to happen. We start to see the beauty in so many things. There is chaos, but there is so much more! Look for that good in the world, and if you don't see any? Well, my dearest Warrior, make it so!

What makes you feel confident, I truly want to know! What part of your makeup makes you feel like a Warrior? Is it a favorite color? Favorite application? Favorite look? Let me know!

Until next time, my dear Warrior,



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