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I Got Married!

That's right, I'm a married gal now! I don't talk about my personal life much on my social media,but I have had quite a few people ask me to write a blog about the experience! It was absolutely magical, but SUPER stressful up until the day of. We decided to do a destination wedding, for a few reasons, so I'll share my experience with that and the actual day. So here we go!

The Months Leading Up

Ok, ya'll. Let's get real for a moment. When Trey and I first got engaged, we were both employed with steady jobs plus my set jobs (so things like film and photoshoots). We planned out a budget that we would like to stick to, as well as how much of our paychecks would go in to a joint account we made. Welp. I quit my job about two months after we got engaged. This was for a bunch of reasons that I won't go in to, but I wanted to do what I knew I was meant to do and give myself the ability to really jump in to my freelancing again. All good, right? I was getting film jobs weekly, we could do this! We were prepared for needing to live on a very strict, very tight budget. But we could do it. Welp...I stopped getting steady work. My freelance jobs went from weekly, to once a month. Insert panic face here. Your girl was a mess. I was trying to figure out how in the world we were going to pay for things, let alone our wedding. Thankfully God is good. Trey got a raise at work, more work was coming in for him, and my parents were a huge help in paying for the wedding.

But I still felt super guilty. We had set this budget so that both of us could pay for the wedding and still pay bills. Now it was all on Trey. I. Felt. HORRIBLE. So I started to do research and look at what employment opportunities were in my well as esthitician school. Now, why in the world would I be looking at schools when I just gave you a peek behind the "Stress Curtain". Stay tuned, because I promise I'll explain.

Let me just say, if you are planning your wedding and are even simply interested in a destination wedding, DO IT!!! Now, with that being said, Trey and I knew we wanted a really intimate wedding. Like, we didn't want to go over 50 people, and even that number was big. The number of people didn't have anything to do with finances (because that can add up REAL quick), we both have just always wanted a really small wedding. We also chose Ireland because it has always been on our bucket list, a friend of my mom's had just gotten married there and was able to give me tons of info about it, and it was SO MUCH CHEAPER than California! But, it still is stressful, don't get me wrong. I had so much that I had to juggle, that I finally told Trey that he was responsible for booking and planning the honeymoon. I think my exact words were, "If I have to make another decision, I'ma snap!". Trey gave his opinion and let me know the things he'd like for the wedding, but he is also one of the most chill people in the world that "whatever I thought was best" was kind of the popular answer. Again, he DID help! And there were a few things he for sure wanted. I know a lot of brides complain that their guy would use that sentence just to get out of planning. Thankfully that isn't my guy.

The Week We Flew Out

Now, I had just told you that work had been super slow. Well, the month of the wedding it kicked up in to high gear! And the week of the wedding was no different. I had the amazing opportunity to be Makeup Department head for an amazing project (can't go in to too many details, but very soon!) but it was up in Redding. I drove nearly 10 hours each way, and was there for about 4 days (including travel days). I got back late Sunday, family met me in Redding to help me with the drive back, and then the week of is a blur. We celebrated birthdays, had more family come in, did the courthouse wedding for legal purposes, and then we were off! It was A LOT, but I wouldn't change it for a single second. I had an amazing time, and it was a great experience!

Thankfully I was able to sleep on the flight over, because the amount of excitement I had when we landed was insane! I have wanted to go to Ireland since I was 6. My dream was coming true in so many ways. Marrying an amazing man? Check. Go to places we have always wanted to go? Check. All the stress was worth it.

The Day Of The Wedding

Ever been to Ireland? If no, have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? If no, let me give you an idea of the kind of weather that is common in Ireland. Rain. Random rain. Oh, and cold. All of these things were fine by me, but I was hoping for sun on the day of our wedding. So there I was, checking the weather DAILY from two months before the wedding until two days before. Predicted sunshine, loads of sunshine and the perfect temperature. We scoped out the location we were getting married at (Cliffs of Moher), absolute perfection. Day we went, tons of sunshine and weather was perfect. In fact, that had been the weather the whole time we were in Ireland. So, me being me, I checked the weather find that it was supposed to be pouring down the day of our wedding. Not only that, but that the rain was supposed to be starting an hour beforehand. Dun dun dunnnn.

In the Celtic culture, rain on the wedding is actually good luck! It represents tears of joy, washing the relationship anew, and that the bride will cry only happy tears throughout her marriage. Beautiful! So, I was ok with that. You guys, it rained until I literally stepped out of the car to walk down the aisle, and it didn't start back up until our very last picture. IT. WAS. PERFECT!!!! I know a lot of brides gush about how their wedding was perfect, but I really know that ours was blessed and absolutely magical.

I was also about 20 minutes late to my own wedding. If you didn't know, I'm early to ALMOST EVERYTHING. I'm the kid who will get to a place an hour early and sit in their car until it's 15 minutes until they need to be there, that way it doesn't look like I got there too early. Taa daaaaaaaa. But that is beside the point.

I have mentioned that money was tight, so quite a few of the things I had planned on hiring someone to do I ended up doing myself. One of which was my makeup. Thankfully, I was pretty zen that day! Which is crazy. I had also practiced doing this look like a madwoman. If you noticed, I kept my makeup very natural and just enhanced my eyes. In case you can't tell in the pictures, I chose the colors purple and gold. My mom did my hair and we kept it super simple for a few reasons. 1) I wanted my hair half down because I feel more comfortable. 2) I love my hair and wanted to show it off. 3) We were running REALLY behind. But it all came out so beautifully! I'm grateful for my momma, my cousin (who was also our AMAZING photographer!!), and my sister.

First Looks

Trey and I agreed that we both wanted his first time seeing me in my wedding dress was as I was walking down the aisle, so we didn't do a bride and groom first look photoshoot. I have heard a lot of wonderful things from couples who have done it that way, but it just wasn't for us. I'm not superstitious...but I'm a little stitious.

I did do a first look with my dad, though, and it was so incredibly special. My dad is not a man of many words, nor one to show his emotions. So when he turned around and immediately teared up, I freaking lost it. The only thing that kept me in check, meaning just "little" tears, was the fact that I had false lashes on and there was no way I was going through putting those on again.

I strongly recommend having a first look with your parents. My mom was with me the entire time I was getting ready, and did my hair. And I also wanted my dad to have his own moment.

The Fairy Tale Continues

I know a lot of married couples always say "Oohhh, just wait until the honeymoon is over." "Just wait until you're two years in". Trey and I were together 3.5 years before we got married. Not a life time, but we have been living together for 3. So, you know, we are very familiar with each other's annoying and unflattering habits and traits. But that man is my best friend, the greatest team mate there ever was. I still get butterflies when he kisses me. There are times when he will hold my hand and I still giggle like a little kid. I cannot wait to go on this adventure with this man of mine. From hardships to happiness, from babies to wrinkles. We're here for it all.

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